Boa Vida Pure Açai


£80.00 / month

15 bags : 60 x 100g packs of pure açai

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Product Description

15 bags : 60 packs / month

Have a bowl a day, or feed the family.

This package is for the real açai lovers who need açai pretty much on-tap.



Ingredients: Açai, and lot of love

Our 100g frozen packs are made with premium-grade, organic berries, grown wild in the Amazon rainforest. Frozen immediately after harvesting for unmatched nutritional value, our açai has double the antioxidant concentration of blueberries, packed full of omegas 3, 6 & 9 and over 50 essential nutrients unique to the rich, bio-diverse Amazon soil. When it comes to Amazon açai, this is the real deal.

Recommended serving size: 200g per bowl (60 sachets = 30 bowls)

Storage: Store below – 18C


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